Belltower Coffeehouse Subscriptions


Bronze Level Subscription - $45 - 12 Drinks

The Bronze Level Subscription is meant for your average coffee drinker who finds themselves at local coffeeshops a few times every week. At $45 our Bronze Subscribers will be spending $3.75 per drink.


Silver Level Subscription - $70 - 20 Drinks

The Silver Level Subscription is meant for serious coffee drinkers who find themselves at their favorite shops pretty much every day. At $70 our Silver Subscribers will be spending $3.50 per drink.


Gold Level Subscription - $90 - 28 Drinks

The Gold Level Subscription is meant for our most loyal and avid coffee drinkers, those who need a caffeine fix every day! At $90 our Gold Subscribers will be paying $3.21 per drink, a huge bargain at any specialty coffee shop.

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All coffeehouse subscribers will receive a punch card for the month that they will present to their barista at the time of purchase. There is no limit to how many drinks may be purchased at one time, so long as the subscriber has their card at the time of purchase. All subscriptions automatically renew at the start of the month, until the subscriber notifies Belltower Artisans in email of their desire to discontinue their subscription. Additionally, cards will no longer be valid after the month in which they are issued.

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