We are the Belltower Artisans - two college students from Memphis who are passionate about making things and investing in the city and culture we live in.

The reason we are called Belltower is simple. We want to become like a belltower, a meeting place and a landmark on the skyline, by supporting local artists in a place with a high volume of traffic in Memphis. We dream of growing the city's makers and small businesses, and we want to help our community through things like the after-school refugee class we taught last spring, various fundraisers for non-profits in town, education on how to combine craft and business, and community development in so many other ways.

We developed our love for pottery and handcrafting things in high school at Harding Academy, where we took ceramics for 3 years. Throughout that class, we always joked that when we hit our mid-life crisis we would quit our jobs and open a pottery studio and coffee shop; however, that dream instead came at 19 and 20. 

We both attended Lipscomb University in Nashville and soon realized how much we wanted pottery back in our lives. So, we began renting a storage unit and pooled our graduation money and life savings together to start our first studio. That grew into a successful pop-up coffee shop and pottery studio this summer, and it gave us the confidence to make this a permanent fixture in our community.

We found the Highland Strip, and a frenzy for getting the place ready to open began, including building all of the furniture in the shop. 

We have been open since the middle of November 2017 and are loving every day we are open! 

Thanks so much for your love and support of our dream for Belltower and the community around us!

 Our Co-Founders, Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath

Our Co-Founders, Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath


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