PRO Studio Membership

PRO Studio Membership


This is our highest level studio membership and is perfect if you love making ceramics, have a good bit of time to spend on it and/or are selling pieces regularly.

Pro Membership Includes:

  • Studio access when store is open

    • This includes wheels, slab roller, work tables, glaze table, and a wide variety of throwing/trimming tools

  • Full shelf private storage space for storing work or tools at The Belltower

  • All of Belltower’s stock Glazes for use, for no additional cost

    • Outside glazes are allowed if given permission by the studio manager

  • Clay is available for purchase for $15 / 25lbs

    • Outside clay is allowed if given permission by the studio manager

  • 3 Kiln load’s worth of bisque and glaze firings / month

  • Free, or discounted access to weekend workshops with studio staff or guest potters

  • Ability to sell work on Belltower’s website upon approval from studio staff

  • Ability to add to Belltower’s stock purchases from suppliers (i.e. glazes, clays, tools, etc.)

After your purchase, you will be contacted shortly by the studio manager in order to set up your member orientation!

Have further questions? Feel free to email

**Please note, this is a recurring membership that renews on the first of each month. After your initial purchase, your first month will be pro-rated based on the date of purchase. All studio members are expected to keep a card on file (exceptions on a case-by-case basis), and to comply with studio policies

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